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June, 2020

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87How to Build a Girl$193+47.3%3-$64$69,3485IFC Films
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Jason Slack Interview with the Write Vision Report Card

  • Costello: How are you Jason? Thanks for taking time to speak with us.
  • Jason Slack: I'm good. Thanks for having me.
  • Costello: We see that your providing coverage of the NFL Draft this weekend, you are known for your work in films. What made you venture into covering sports?
  • Jason Slack: Sports is my first love. I grew up wanting to become a basketball player before i turned to writing. Sports has always been a part of my life. The NFL Draft is a big event. I thought it would a good time to do something with everything that's going on in the world right now.
  • Costello: Exactly what role did you play with the NFL draft?
  • Jason Slack: I sent out alerts to my subscribers as to which players got drafted by which teams. I also wrote an article about the results of each round. The only thing needed to receive this information was a phone. I decided to do this because I had heard that there was a lot of people who wouldn't be able to watch it because they were out of work due to covid-19.
  • Costello: But this is not just a one-time thing for you right?
  • Jason Slack: No, it's not. Me and my partner Godstar decided to start the Sports Core Network. Were going to cover all sports obviously, but we feel like we can bring more recognition to certain aspects of it.
  • Costello: Since you are a film producer, should we expect you to incorporate some of that into the sports world?
  • Jason Slack: Of course that would be a part of it. But not just that, we have some ideas that we can't wait to share with you guys. We feel like it's going to be next level.
  • Costello: Well again I just want to say thanks for taking time to speak with us I think it's a wonderful thing that your doing stuff for people that have been affected by covid 19, and we cannot wait to see what you having store for sports entertainment.
  • Jason Slack: Thanks for having me.
Costello is a news reporter from the Write Vision News report card, who recently sat down for an interview with film producer Jason Slack and discussed his recent venture into the sports world. Jason slack recently started a sports company called Sport Core Network. Here is what Jason had to say. You can also go to and check out some of his work.

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Robert Hollin and Jason Slack got started in the halls of Columbia SC. Upon meeting each other, their first conversation was about basketball. With Hollin being a Lebron James fan and Slack being a Michael Jordan fan, the sports rivalry took place instantly. Both being passionate about sports, the battles began to happen more frequently. Before you knew it, both Hollin and Slack were surrounded by a big audience just to hear them talk. With the crowds getting bigger, they both decided it was time to take it to the big stage. Now everyone can witness this rivalry on the weekly podcast, the sports Dynasty: Hollin vs Slack.

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