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Pastor Radden encourages a better way of living, show ways to be encouraged, and to keep encouraging others.
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Humility and Forgiveness

Pastor Radden breaks down the importance of being humble and having the ability to forgive others.
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Keep your guard up

It is important to keep your guard up as Christians. The enemies know when you are not praying.
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Pastor Radden says that everyone should move on one accord, especially when it comes to finding the lord.
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God will not leave you

On this episode, Pastor Radden talks about the loyalty that god has. No matter what you have been through or are going through, god...
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Resisting Temptation

Pastor Radden talks about resisting temptation. It will be many things put in front of you.
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Keep Fighting

Even when things are not going good, never give up. In the words of Pastor Radden, you have to keep fighting even through the toughe...