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Walk through Fire

The Every Step of the Way Crew discuss walking through fire, standing in the rain, and praising the storm.
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Don’t run from your past

The Discussion Panel wants everybody to embrace life. Acceptance is key and don’t run from your past.
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Money isn’t Everything

The Every Step Panel talks about the love of money. How it can affect your family and take you away from other important things in l...
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We all must be believers in faith

This week, the discussion panel talks the importance of faith. All dreams and accomplishments in life start out by having and believ...
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Round Table discussion

The Round Table disscusion is a segment featured on The Every Step of the Way Podcast. It's a episode where the group talks about ra...
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The Every Step of the way Panel talks why lust is one of the most harmful things. Stay true to what’s important and stay away from t...