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Be Patient

The discussion panel talks about the importance of being patient. Don’t rush into things and let your frustration take over. Remembe...
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What if there was no God?

Can you imagine a life without God? Could it be life without God? The discussion panel dives deep.
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Round Table 2

Round Table is an open discussion segment held once a month. The crew talks about random topics.
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Spiritual Warfare

The Every Step of the way panel gets spirtual on a number of different topics on this week's episode.
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Is patience really a Virtue?

The panel talks about the struggles of being patient. Is it mandatory to make it a part of your practice?
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Relationship Roundtable

On this roundtable discussion, the panel talks about the keys to having a great relationship.
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Don't be afraid to talk to someone who is going through something and if you are the person going through something, don't be afraid...
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How do we know how to pray?

When we pray, do we talk to God a certain way? What approach should we use? And is it a certain time to talk to him?